• Jared Chapman - animator, art director
  • Keith Osborn - animator, teacher, slacker who hasn't updated his website in 3 years:)
  • David Bokser - director, animator, technical director, (slightly) evil genius
  • Matt Berenty - modeler, needs to point me to a working website
  • Steve Bowler - animator, game designer, needs to get a website
  • Scott Englert - technical director, best TD I've worked with
  • Kory Heinzen - concept artist, ilustrator
  • Jon Campbell - technical director, triathelete, biking nut
  • "Rocky" Vanoost - animator, star wars fiend and paintball warrior
  • Tony Bonilla - animator who I believe would like to be a pirate
  • Cory Godbey - illustrator, creator of Olaf the troll and other such creatures
  • Ray Chase - animator, animation mentor and all around nice guy
  • Matt Forcum - animator, professor, fellow Scad Grad
  • Kyle Mohr - animator, fellow Scaddie and blogger
  • Justin Gerard - illustrator, concept artist and master of the digital brush
  • Ben Willis - animator, bringer of death in Halo matches
  • Kevin Williams - animator, previz man, fellow Scaddie
  • Tim Farrell - animator, Scad alum, and cartoon funny man



(Mostly) Free Stuff

Favorite Rigs

  • Squirrely - I made him, what do you expect :)
  • Blake - Good solid rig I did a lip sync exercise with and found to be a very solid rig.
  • Moom - one of the more appealing free character rigs out there. Seen a lot of nice animation with it as well.
  • Norman - a very well known rig from the Academy of Art that was used for all of the early Pixar classes there.
  • Koko - little dog rig I haven't gotten to play with (though it's on my list of things to do). Really like the character design.


  • Animation
    • autoTangent - I LOVE this script. Enables me to work the way I like which is as little time in the graph editor as possible. Allows you to create nice curved tangents with no overshoot.
    • abxPicker - Script for easily building a character UI
    • tweenMachine - Great script for helping to do your breakdowns. I don't think I can live with out this script now.
    • jbExportQss- Exports quick selection sets to a mel to recreate them in another file or on another character. I wrote this one and, having spent the time to make it, find it quite useful
  • Rigging
    • The Setup Machine - if you like making characters and don't wanna take the time to do a good solid rig or just don't have the ability. This is a great package and easily worth it's cost in saved time.
    • zooToolBox - SO MANY great tools in here for both rigging and animation. Dig in.

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