Blacksite: Area 51
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Intro::This was the third published game I worked on at Midway Games. It has a wikipedia article too!

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Released: November 2007

What did I do?

  • Came on the project towards the very end (July 2007) and was asked to come up with a plan to get a facial pipeline in place to finish the project on time. A week later, I delivered that plan and got started...
  • Quickly adapted latest facial prototype for use on the project by utilizing the facial rigging/animation workflow that my good friend and coworker Scott Englert and I developed through Stranglehold and further refined on other internal project prototypes.
  • Pursued a multi-pronged attack for facial. There was simply too much to attempt to do it all by hand keying with the time remaining. I spearheaded the "quality tier" front for scenes that were deemed important enough for the hand key time. The other avenue was led by another artist and we utilized FaceFX for those scenes.
  • Animated most of the hand key facial scenes and animated a few of the FaceFX scenes in Unreal - facial animation only.
  • Created facial poses for the ingame facial animation system and worked with artists to polish the poses as well as make small modeling tweaks for better deformation
  • After all hand key scenes were completed, went back and polished the FaceFX "poses" to try to make those scenes look the best they could.
  • Created Mel scripts necessary for the pipeline.
  • Rolled off the project in September 2007.
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