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Intro::This was the second game I worked on to great extent at Midway Games. In Stranglehold, according to IGN:

Chow Yun–Fat reprises the role of Inspector Tequila from John Woo's influential action film, "Hard Boiled" in this hyperkinetic shooting game. Run into danger with both fists full of lead and take down the organized crime bosses who stepped over the line when they took your family. Stop at nothing as you destroy the entire world around you to get them back. You are a desperate man following your own rules; honor thy family; do what's right; fear no man. Stranglehold features much of the hyperkinetic, choreographed action and freeze framed sequences that Woo is known for.

Released: September 2007

What did I do?

  • Codeveloped new facial animation rigging and workflow techniques with my good friend and coworker Scott Englert
  • Wrote minor mel scripts to support rigging and workflow process - Scott handled the bigger scripting tasks
  • Rigged cinematic characters for facial animation
  • Setup, tested, proved and documented facial animation pipeline.
  • Animated about half of all Cinematic facial for the game. Scott animated most of the rest along with a couple of other animators who came in on the tail of the project to help us finish it off.
  • Animated hundreds of in game facial cycles and baked on facial animation for specific moves
  • Cleaned up motion capture data.
  • Rolled off the project in June 2007.
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