Mortal Kombat vs DC
Mortal Kombat vs DC concept, images and content are Midway Games - Visit Game Website

Intro: When it was originally announced, the concept was met by skepticism. However, as people got to see more of it it, it got a warmer reception. This was the last shipped title I worked on at Midway Games.

Released: November 2008


What did I do?

  • Acted as facial animation lead. In that capacity, reviewed facial animation delivered by outsourcers and internal animators and provided written and verbal feedback for subsequent passes. I was blown away at the amount of lipsync/facial we were able to chug through (not to mention the body motion) - about 2 hours of footage in less than 3 months.
  • Provided cinema facial animation for in game cinematics
  • Created body animations in Motionbuilder using motion capture data as a base
  • Set up initial facial rig's pose shapes
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