Morpheus Rig v1.0
"Morpheus Rig " © Josh Burton 2010

Dowload the latest here. (Current Version - v1.0)
Release Date- 12/20/2010

Note - Please read the release post here and review the docs as well as videos linked on the side of this page before emailing q's. "Frequently asked questions" earned their name:)

Also - Please tag animations posted online with "Morpheus Rig" or "Morphy". I wanna see em:)

Updates from last release:

  • IMPORTANT - rotation order has changed on the ik hand controls from the last release for better matching. If you're using IK hands in an animation and don't wanna fix it, don't use this release till your next animation:)
  • The file I used to render the above teaser so you can get some ideas on how to push the customization stuff. Can't wait to see how you push it even more.
  • Latest head rig as always for those tinkerers out there
  • All necessary quick selects sets are in scene in a group so you don't have to worry about bringing them in when "tinkering"
  • Both release candidates in case you have animations referencing them
  • New finder/hand poses and new joints for more "meaty" poses.
  • Hand blendshapes
    • Accessible via the hand objects in the Morph-o-matic ui mode
  • Ear animation controls
  • Nose tip mover
  • COG prop space object and switching
  • Parts proxy mesh which enables you to turn off arms and legs and stuff - sorry it's a bit of a hack till I can completely modulize the rig
    • Accessible via the all_anim
  • Polished and pushed face poses (brows, eye squeeze)
  • TONS of fixes that I don't remember them all...:)

In this pack:

  • The latest and greatest Morphy rig with lots and lots of updates. Dig in. :)
  • Textures
    • Skin texture variations
    • Eye textures 
    • Included source .psd files if you'd like to try some variations
  • Scripts pack
    • Scripts updates
    • Morphy Shelf and Icons, see docs page for instructions

If you'd like to see the blogged creation of the rig, you can do so via the Morpheus category on my blog.

Rig Features:

  • Body rigged with John Doublestein's rigging toolset (get it here)
    • FK/IK switching (right click menu)
    • Space Switching (right click menu)
    • Stretchable bendable limbs
    • Body morphing for body customization
    • Hand morphs for talons and knuckles!
  • Facial rig
    • Facial moprhing for facial customization
      • Facial shaping controls, moveable, scaleable eyes
      • Noses, ears, and beards, Oh my!
    • FK/IK Eye Rig (the base of which is Scott Englert's rig)
    • Eyelid tracking/blinking
    • "Moldable" eyelids
    • Seperate head rig should you want to put Morphy's head on another body
  • Workflow Stuff/Other
    • Nurbs UI for easy access to controls
    • Quick Select sets setup for easy selection
    • Alternate textures for eyes and skin

Folks who have contributed to Morpheus' development with feedback, bugs, or custom Geo (Still working on links)

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