Much Ado About a Theater Intro

Intro::This was a freelance gig I took from Bitstream Animation. They wanted to use Tiko for a custom home theater intro and it meant I got paid to play with one of my characters, so I took them up on it.

Released: Waiting for the DVD to release. Animation completed July 2006.

What did I do?

  • Modeling, lighting, storyboarding, effects, composite
  • Animation of 2/3 the project. As I was trying to finish the gig and time was running out, I asked my animator friend Keith Osborn to help me out. He took the section that Tiko is in the screen which I had blocked out and finished the animation.
  • Keith animated the Tiko trash extra thing as well
  • Scott Englert animated another thing on the DVD that isn't Tiko related but is still very cool!
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