Much Ado About Breakfast

Intro::This was my very first short. It was loads of fun doing with a tad bit of frustration. However I learned many lessons in the process that I hope will make me a better animator as I continue to learn.

Synopsis: Tiko wants some breakfast. Meandering around his featureless world, he comes accross a table and learns a valuable lesson: Some things just aren't worth the effort

Production Technique: Modelling, Texturing and Rendering were done in Lightwave 7.5; rigging and animation were done in Maya 4.5

Who done it: I did all of the 3d and compositing on this one. My brother, Michael Burton, did the sound and composed and produced the music for it.

Completion Date: Fall 2003

Animatics: I had a hard time with the ending on this one. I ended up doing three differenet animatic endings and then I ended up doing something else....oh, well:). (All of these are Sorensen quicktimes)

Animatic 1 (7.7meg) | Animatic 2 (3.8meg) | Animatic 3 (3.5meg)

Lessons Learned: I learned a lot of valuable lessons on this one.

  • How to transfter animation from Maya into Lightwave for rendering. To do so, I followed the technique laid out here: Tutorial
  • Depth of field costs a LOT of render time
  • Figuring out how to do stuff takes a lot longer than actually doing it
  • Watch how you parent your hands. Parenting one way makes walking (or flying in this instance) easier, another makes leaning against things easier
  • Thumbnail, thumbnail, thumbnail...


  • WCSU Animation Festival 2005
  • DAFI, Special Screening - May 2005
  • "Roll Y'er Own" ASIFA-Atlanta - February 2005
  • Tambakos FIlm Festival
  • Accepted to Siggraph 2004 SPACE Student Animation Competition
  • Accepted to be shown at Animex Animation Festival 2004


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