Psyop/MassMarket - Commercial Work - 2010

Started working with Psyop/MassMarket at the start of the new year and have had the pleasure of working on several projects with them over the year - both on released commercials as well as internal pitches.

There are several other projects that I can't show yet.

Koolaid - FunFizz Red

What did I do?

  • Animation
    • s17 - fore and mid ground Octo guys, their Squid bubbles, and the arms.
    • s23 - quick shot of the fox at the Octobot controls
    • s24 - foreground fox, octobot and bubble sac, and the near-midground action of the bubble sac being hit by the turtles and eaten by the sub

Lessons Learned

  • LOVE abxPicker script.
  • Lattices are fun and can add some nice secondary stuff with not too much fiddling
  • You can add polys to lattices that are already animated. Hat tip to Kevin (whose name I don't know) for the help on this one:
    • for ($i = 1; $i <= 42; $i++){
          sets -fe ffd1Set ("BubbleSac01:eye_" + $i ); 
  • You can reorder deformation order by listing inputs and middle mouse dragging.
  • It's amazing how long you can work in an app and thing things you don't know


Vizio Forge

What did I do?

  • Animation -
    • s34 - all arms in shot
    • s38 - Flickr logo animation and timing, posing tweaks to my friend's, Josh Delaney, inital animation pass after he rolled off the project
  • TD work - rigged robotic arm, dinosaur, and various other props including the Flickr logo with photos flying around (which I was most pleased with as we were able to get some friends and family's pics in there - not that you can see them in anything but 1080p). Also setup a scale/build system to get real world measurements for the shooting team.
  • Previz - Did previz on various shots
  • Modeling - assisted in some minor logo modeling

Lessons Learned

  • SDK Cycles - turning on post cycling on the curves negates the need for a complicated expression system to cycle SDK animations
  • Locking Geometry - Instead of locking geometry and joints from animators via layers, you can do the same by using drawing overrides

U.S. Census 2010 - "Believe"

Animation - Not much, only worked on it a few days.

  • s23 - Added arcs and life to the procedural paper forming paths and hand animated a few "hero" pieces of paper


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